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The asl collective
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American Sign Language

Interpreting and Learning Solutions

Cruz Lane (Deaf)

Deaf Interpreter

Deon Harrell (Hearing)

ASL Interpreter, EIPA 4.7

Deaf and Interpreter

owned and operated

our mission

We aim to empower our community by providing inclusive and accessible ASL interpreting services and classes. We are committed to bridging communication gaps through language acquisition and expert sign language interpreting services while we foster equal access and celebrate diversity.

With a team of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, we strive to facilitate meaningful connections and ensure that every individual can fully participate and engage in all aspects of life, promoting a more inclusive and accessible society.

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The asl collective
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Interpreting Services

Certified Deaf and Hearing Interpreters keeping you HIPAA and ADA compliant on demand!

We proudly boast a well-trained and certified team of both Deaf and Hearing ASL Interpreters. For all of your interpreting needs, we can get the job done.

Our team is ready and available when you need us. We help keep you HIPAA and ADA compliant. Even from afar, we've got you covered!

onsite interpreting services

virtual Interpreting services

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classes + tutoring

Language Acquisition

If you have some working knowledge of ASL or you're a skilled signer, this course is designed to strengthen your ability to communicate in ASL effectively. Let’s ditch the syllabus and focus on immersion with Deaf teachers, Deaf presenters and, Deaf events in your local area.

allies + Community

Lovers of ASL and the Deaf community report here! If you want to learn to communicate better with Deaf friends and family, or if you've just always wanted to know American Sign Language, this class is for everyone - that means you!

Professional development

Are you a company that would like your employees to be able to communicate directly in ASL with your Deaf/Hard of Hearing customers? Let us host a workshop for your staff to teach them the basics.

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The asl collective
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Father Teaching Sign Language to Kid Indoors
The asl collective
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